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Michael Kors Annouces New Sofie 2.0 at CES 2019

michael kors new Sofie 2.0
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It is almost two years since Michael Kors access sofie was released and in this time it has become the best selling Michael Kors smartwatch. However, Michael Kors at the CES 2019 announced a revamp for the Sofie with the name Michael Kors access sofie 2.0

The new Michael Kors access sofie 2.0 just like the Sofie is fashion focused, but has more features and a lot more stylish with a better design. The Sofie 2 has three physical buttons instead of one button on the Sofie which off course means that navigating the interface will be a lot easier. Secondly, the bezel of the Sofie 2.0 is thinner than that of the Sofie which adds to its stylish appearance and further makes it a perfect choice for women.

Furthermore, the Sofie 2.0 now has heart rate monitor and inbuilt GPS, two crucial sensors that were missing in the Sofie. So you get to track your active life better with the Sofie 2.0.

The new Sofie 2.0 also comes with a NFC chip inside which will support Google pay so you can make payments on the go without having to carry your cards around. Another new feature in the Sofie 2.0 is that it is rated 5ATM instead of 1ATM rating on the Sofie. You get to dive even deeper enabling you to track your swimming activities up to 50 meters.

So overall, the new Sofie 2.0 has a more stylish design plus additional features that let you track your active life better especially with the redesigned Wear OS which saw new features added to Google Fit App.

The only disappointing thing about the new Sofie 2.0 is that it will still be powered by Snapdragon 2100 (considered outdated) that’s despite the fact there is a new Snapdragon 3100 which promises longer battery life and better accurate fitness tracking as smartwatch makers will now be able to write their own algorithm.

So you should expect almost same battery life as the Sofie, which is about a day of regular usage, not so impressive.

The Michael Kors access sofie 2.0 will be made available in next few weeks, be rest assured we will post it here and until then you can sign up to our newsletter below so that you will be the first to know when it finally goes on sale.