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Latest Firmware Update: Fitbit Versa 2, 3 and Sense Get SpO2, Active Zone Minutes E.t.c

fitbit Versa 2 gets Spo2 blood oxygen levels
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The latest firmware update, brings new features to the Versa 2 and the newer Versa 3 and Sense. These include the addition of the SpO2 signature watch face that activates the dormant Spo2 feature on Versa 2 as well as Active Zone Minutes that was introduced to Charge 4 and the new Clean Cue handwashing reminder that joins the likes of Apple Watch Series 6 with a handwashing reminder app. Other features include the ability to save watch faces on Versa 2 and the “find my phone” app.

Firmware – What’s New?

  1. Spo2 Signature Watch Face

  2. Once you have updated your Versa 2 to version, you will see the Spo2 watch face from Fitbit which is called the SpO2 signature watch face. What it does is show you your blood oxygen levels tracked overnight. It measures your blood oxygen from 80% to 100%, anything lower than 80% is recorded as <80%. The Watch face is very interesting and detailed as it shows your Active Zone Minutes, heart rate, battery level, time, and more. Moreover, there are also many Spo2 watch faces from other third-party developers, although while some are free, others are premium and will require payment.

  3. Active Zone Minutes

  4. This feature was introduced to Charge 4, what it does is allow you to set a target heart rate and alert you when you meet your target. It follows the global health authorities recommended weekly activity of 150-minute moderate activities or 75 minutes of vigorous activity.

  5. Clean Cue Handwashing Reminder Watch Face

  6. Another feature that comes with this update is the Clean Cue handwashing reminder watch face that reminds you to wash your hand. It has a 60 minutes reminder and an alert bell that vibrates the watch to remind you to wash your hands. There is also a 20 seconds timer inline with the recommended handwashing duration by global health authorities in the fight against Covid-19.

  7. Store up to 5 Watch Faces on Versa 2
  8. Before now, you can only add or change watch faces from the Fitbit App. However, with the latest update, you can now store up to 5 watch faces on the watch. Scrolling through your list of apps on Versa 2, you should see the clock icon, click on it to change watch faces. This is still far behind Active 2 which allows you to change watch faces seamlessly from the watch.

  9. Find My Phone App

Unlike before when you have to install third-party apps to find your phone, Fitbit has added a default “Find My Phone” app that lets you ring your phone when you misplace it.

These are all the features that come with the new firmware update, you need to update your Versa 2 to get these features.