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Mobvoi Announces Wear OS 3.5 Rollout for Ticwatch E3: Performance and Battery Life Changes

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Mobvoi is deploying the Wear OS 3.5 update for the TicWatch E3, it joins the Ticwatch Pro 5 and Ticwatch Pro 3 Ultra which had earlier received the update. This release follows a beta program conducted by the company last year and according to Mobvoi’s Facebook Page, this update will be deployed in phases.

Mobvoi releases Wear os 3.5 update for Ticwatch E3

Users who have updated their TicWatch E3 reported notable improvements in performance, user interface enhancements and refined navigation. Interestingly, the update also introduces new Google apps, although Google Assistant is no longer supported. Nonetheless, Amazon Alexa can be sideloaded for those desiring a voice assistant. Additionally, Mobvoi Voicememo and TicHearing apps have been removed.

On a positive note, battery life is said to have been improved, although some users may initially experience greater battery drain, which tends to stabilize after a few charging cycles. Furthermore, there are significant enhancements in health and fitness tracking.

Before installing the update, users are required to download the new Mobvoi Health app for Android or the Health CoPilot app for iOS. The process involves first unpairing the watch and phone, then deleting the older Wear OS and Mobvoi apps, and erasing the watch before proceeding with the installation.

Just in case you check for an update and you get “your watch is up to date”. Try tapping on the little watch icon with the “check” symbol on it. A user claimed it took him about 8 taps before the watch asked if he wanted to update.

For a flawless experience, Mobvoi advises users to ensure their phones are running Android 8.0 and above or iOS 16 and above. Comprehensive installation instructions can be found on the company’s website. The phased rollout of Wear OS 3.5 for the Mobvoi TicWatch E3 is expected to conclude by January 25th.