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Meet The 6 Members of The Fenix 6 Series

garmin fenix 6x pro solar
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The much talked about successor to the Fenix 5 series has been released. It’s the Fenix 6 series – the latest multisport GPS smartwatches from Garmin. Six members make up the Fenix 6 lineup which are; the 6, 6s, 6 pro, 6s pro, 6x pro, and 6x pro solar – that’s six outstanding GPS smartwatches.

fenix 6

Garmin Fenix 6 Basic Editions

These six are further divided into two; the Basic (6 and 6s) and Pro (6 pro, 6s pro, 6x pro, 6x pro solar) editions. The Basic editions lack onboard music storage, Wi-Fi and map, all of which are available on the Pro editions.

Garmin Fenix 6 Pro Edition

Just like the Fenix 5 series, the Fenix 6 comes in three different sizes which are perhaps aimed at giving consumers more options to choose the right size for you.

However, Garmin has reduced the thickness size of the various members of the Fenix 6 and as well have bigger display sizes that let you see more at a glance, and has also reduced the weight of each member of the Fenix 6 which makes these lots more comfortable wear all day long.

Each member of the Fenix 6 series is available in sapphire edition with sapphire glass that’s scratch resistant. Garmin has also doubled the storage capacity of the Pro editions of the Fenix 6 and added more activity tracking features and above all is the new battery saver features that will see each member of the Fenix 6 series last longer than their respective Fenix 5 predecessor.

Below are new features added to the Fenix 6 series,

  • Garmin reduced the thickness size of the 42mm- 6s and 6s pro, 47mm-6 and 6 pro, and 51mm- 6x pro and 6x pro solar. The display size has also been increased except for the 42mm version which retained the same display size as its predecessor.
  • Added a new widget feature that’s similar to the Apple watch Infographic watch face. The widget feature allows you to add up to 6 of your favorite features to the Fenix 6s and 6s pro, while the 6, 6 pro, 6x pro, and 6x pro solar get up to 8 data fields. New map display themes have been added, but are only available on the Pro editions.
  • The Fenix 6 sets are more durable as they’ve been tested accordingly to the US military grade test standards for thermal, shock and water resistance.
  • Each Pro edition of the Fenix 6 has 32GB storage capacity which is twice that of the Fenix 5 Plus ( the Basic editions don’t have onboard music storage).
  • Pulse ox sensor is available on each member of the Fenix 6.
  • Map with trendline popularity routing, ski resorts and PacePro have been added to the Pro editions.
  • Incident detection introduced to the latest Forerunner series has also been added to all members of the Fenix 6.
  • Underwater wrist based heart rate tracking has been added to each member of the Fenix 6.
  • New battery management features that include the expedition mode seen on the MARQ series have also been added to the Fenix 6, including the battery saver mode that will see each member of the Fenix 6 last for weeks. Also new is solar charging supported on the 6x pro solar which uses solar energy to last a little longer.

Prices start at $600 for the Fenix 6 and 6s, $700 for the 6 pro and 6s pro, it goes up to $800 for the sapphire editions, $750 for the 6x pro and even higher for the 6x pro solar at $1000 and $1150 for the titanium edition.