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  • ticwatch e2 vs c2 vs pro compared

    Ticwatch E2 vs C2 vs Pro Compared

    Ticwatch E2 announced at the CES 2019 alongside S2, is the successor to the Ticwatch E, a fantastic timepiece that turned out to be popular among consumers. The new E2 is a lot better than the E which moves it to the high-end ladder joining the likes of Ticwatch C2 and the Pro, two other high-end fantastic smartwatches from Mobvoi. In this article, we compare the new Ticwatch E2 vs C2 vs Pro specs and features head-to-head to find out which of these three is the best choice for you.

  • ticwatch s2 vs samsung galaxy watch compared

    Ticwatch S2 vs Samsung Galaxy Watch Compared

    The new Ticwatch S2 has a better design that its predecessor, its more advanced and has features that makes it a great alternative to the Samsung Galaxy watch. In this comparison between the Galaxy watch vs Ticwatch S2 specs and features, we aim to find what the differences are that sets these two apart.

  • withings steel hr sport vs fitbit versa vs apple watch series 4 compared

    Withings Steel HR Sport vs Fitbit Versa vs Apple Watch Series 4 Compared

    If your reason of buying a smartwatch hovers around getting something that tracks your active life with great accuracy then it would be wise to buy just the perfect one. In this regard, we compare 3 of the best smartwatches for fitness and health, Withings Steel HR Sport vs Fitbit Versa vs Apple watch series 4 specs and features compared head to head to figure out which of these three is a better choice.

  • withings steel hr vs steel hr sport compared

    Withings Steel HR vs Steel HR Sport Compared

    After the buyback from Nokia, Withings released Withings Steel HR Sport which looked almost similar to the Steel HR. If you are a first timer to Withings smartwatches you probably won’t be able to differentiate between these two. So in this post we compare Withings Steel HR vs Withings Steel HR Sport, two fantastic hybrid smartwatches already loved by whole lot of people and the reviews and ratings on these two is something to cheer about. We compare the specs and features of these two head-to-head to help you make just the right choice.

  • best michael kors smartwatches for women

    Best Michael Kors Smartwatches For Women

    Michael Kors is a renowned name in the fashion industry, they are one of the most loved brands in the fashion world and rightfully true they make some of the most fascinating smartwatches. Their latest crop of Michael Kors smartwatches come in stylish and classy design that is a perfect fit for the luxury lifestyle. We present to you the best Michael Kors smartwatches for women.

  • withings pulse hr vs fitbit charge 3

    Withings Pulse HR vs Fitbit Charge 3 Compared

    Fitbit Charge 3 is one of the selling Fitness smartband in the US last year, but now there seems to be a challenger from Withings. It’s the Pulse HR which has some glaring similarities with the Charge 3. The big question is, can the new Pulse HR unseat Charge 3 as a popular on demand fitness smartband. In this article, its Withings Pulse HR vs Fitbit Charge 3, two fantastic choices for a comprehensive activity tracking. This quick comparison in their specs and features will help us unravel which of these two is a better choice.

  • michael kors access sofie vs sofie 2.0

    Michael Kors Access Sofie vs Sofie 2.0 Compared

    Michael Kors announced at the CES 2019 that the popular Michael Kors access sofie which has remained one of their best selling smartwatch will be receiving a revamp and will be called Michael Kors access sofie 2.0. The new Sofie 2.0 just like the Sofie is fashion focused however it comes with lots of additional features to make it a more complete smartwatch. So we are comparing Michael Kors Access Sofie vs Sofie 2 specs and features to find what the differences are that sets these two apart.