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10 Best Watch Faces For Galaxy Watch 6

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Two days ago, Samsung at their annual unpack event announced the much anticipated Galaxy Watch 6 alongside a higher-end Galaxy Watch 6 Classic. Both watches are set to be released on the 11th of August. But before then, I present to you the 10 best watch faces for the Galaxy Watch 6. These watch faces will also work on Galaxy Watch 4, 5, Pixel Watch, Ticwatch Pro 5 and other Wear OS watches.

Note that while some of the watch faces featured in this article are free some are premium watch faces that require a small payment to make it your own. Interestingly, I have coupon codes that will allow you to get some of the premium watch faces mentioned in this post for free.

How to Redeem a Coupon Code on Playstore

How to redeem coupon code

To redeem a coupon code is very easy, just open the Playstore app, tap on your profile picture, tap on payment and subscription, then tap on redeem code, enter the coupon code and tap on redeem to get the watch face for free. Please note that after tapping on Redeem, the Watch face will be installed on your phone instead of your watch. This is obviously a bug with Playstore, and to prevent this from happening, after redeeming the coupon code, copy the link to the watch face and open it in a browser.

Install watch face remotely from browser

When you open the link in your browser, you should see the option to install it in other devices. Tap on it and select your watch from the list and tap on install. Google will require you to enter your password, enter it and tap on next. The watch face will now be remotely installed on your watch.

10 Best Watch Faces for Galaxy Watch 6

  1. Ballozi Vero (Premium watch face)
  2. best watch face for Galaxy Watch 6

    At the number one position is Ballozi Vero, this premium watch face sits at the 4th position of the best premium watch faces on Playstore and that’s because of its outstanding design. It’s got a captivating and mystifying appearance. And beyond that, it features 4 preset app shortcuts for the phone, music, message and calendar apps. It also features a battery meter at the top, and at the bottom of the screen, it shows your heart rate and the date. Your steps is shown on the left side of the screen and on the right side is the day and week of the year. The time is shown in both analog and digital formats. Plus it offers loads of color customization and up to 7 complications. No doubt, the Ballozi Vero is clearly the best classic watch face for the Galaxy Watch 6. Interestingly, the designer of this watch face is giving out free coupon codes that will allow you to get this watch face for free. Select a code below to get it for free.


  3. D356 Ferrari by Yosash (Premium watch face)
  4. best classic watch face for Galaxy watch 6

    The D356 is undoubtedly the best watch face for the Galaxy Watch 6. This premium watch face from Yosash has a brilliant design that leaves it with a stunning appearance. It’s a remarkable classic watch face with lots of customization options. The time is shown in both analog and digital formats, and it features 5 preset complications and two customizable complications. It also shows your steps, heart rate and battery level. Right at the bottom of the screen is a quick app launcher for the phone and message apps. Interestingly, this watch face also has a minimalistic always-on mode that goes easy on the battery life.

    Yosash is offering free coupons for this watch face. Additionally, you can get this watch face at a 70% discount until the 2nd of August.


  5. Concentric
  6. best digital watch face for galaxy watch 6

    Next on my list is the stunning and elegant concentric watch face. This digital watch face is one of my favourites and it’s totally free. It takes a cue from the Pixel Watch face, and while not having many complications has a fascinating design. The concept is a brilliant one. You have the time shown in a very creative manner. The seconds dial moves around a static minute dial. On the far left is the only complication offered by this watch face. Nonetheless, it features lots of customizable options.

  7. WFP 311 (Premium watch face)
  8. The WFP 311 is a premium watch face with a gorgeous appearance. It has sophisticated aesthetics with lots of customizable options. This awesomely designed watch face shows the time in both analog and digital formats. It will also show you your heart rate and steps. At the top of the screen, it shows the battery level of the watch as well as your phone’s battery level. It also features 4 complications. Interestingly, the designers of these watch face are giving out 10 free coupons.


  9. Monospace (Premium watch face)
  10. best minimalistic watch face for galaxy watch 6

    Next on the list, we have the monospace watch face – a minimalistic digital watch face with a brilliant concept. This watch face has few customization options and just two complications. However, it’s awesomely designed and just shows the time in a very innovative and creative way. The time is shown in digital format with the current hour occupying the center stage. You have color themes to choose from and there are two complications. Unfortunately, there is no always-on mode for this watch face. Nonetheless, it’s a superb watch face.

  11. WP051 (Premium watch face)
  12. The WP051 is another phenomenal watch face with a breathtaking appearance. It’s a health-focused watch face showing your heart rate, steps, distance covered for the day and calories. This premium digital watch face also features loads of customization options in addition to 5 complications. It shows the time in digital format and below the screen is the date. It’s clearly a beauty to behold.

  13. Pilot (Premium watch face)
  14. Yet another remarkable watch face for the Galaxy Watch 6 is this simplistic, yet intelligently designed and alluring in every precinct. This premium digital watch face offers very few customization options, however, Its minimalistic design will have less impact on battery life. It shows the time in digital format, and you have two customizable widgets.

  15. Recreative 01
  16. If you are a fan of traditional watches, then you will most likely find the Recreative 01 watch face very interesting. It has one of the most realistic appearances I have seen. It’s simply fascinating to watch. It features a decent number of customization including 3 customizable complications. Time is shown in both analog and digital formats. It also shows your heart rate and battery level.

  17. MD266
  18. Matter Dini no doubt makes some of the best watch faces, and this one called MD266 is a very rich digital watch face with loads of customization features. It shows the date in day, week and year. Below that you have the calendar, and further down, it tells the time in digital format. It also shows the heart rate and steps. In addition, you get 4 customizable complications. It’s a remarkable watch face with the wits and grits of a modern watch face.

  19. Vyron Classic
  20. Last but not the least, is yet another remarkable classic watch face. It looks very realistic and intriguing to watch. This watch face lacks always-on mode, however, it features 4 discreet complications at the 3, 6, 9 and 12 hour mark. The background and dials can also be customized. Meanwhile, time is shown in both digital and analog formats. Moreover, the date and battery level are also displayed. In a few words, the Vyron Classic is simply exquisite.


And there you have it the best watch faces for the Galax Watch 6 and Watch 6 Classic. These watch faces will also work on the Galaxy Watch 4, 5, 5 Pro and other Wear OS watches like Pixel Watch, Ticwatch Pro 5 and more.