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5 Best Free Classic Watch Faces For Galaxy Watch 5 and 4

5 Best Free Classic Watch Faces For Galaxy Watch 5 and 4
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Classic watch faces are not just unique but grace your wrist with a prestigious and magnificent appearance. Moreover, the most ambitious classic watch faces go beyond aesthetics to show you stats that matter to you. In this post, I have compiled a list of the 5 best classic watch faces for the Galaxy Watch 5 and 4. The watch faces mentioned on this page will also work on other Wear OS watches like Google Pixel Watch, Ticwatch 5 Pro, Fossil Gen 6, and more.

How to download watch face from Google Playstore from your phone

How to download watch face from Google Playstore from your phone

To download any of the watch face mentioned in this post, simply click on the link to go to Google Playstore. Tap on the tiny black triangle icon and select your Galaxy Watch from the list to download the watch face to your watch.

Best Classic Watch Faces For Galaxy Watch 5

  1. Recreative 01
  2. This minimalistic and simple watch face is the best classic watch face for Galaxy Watch 5. Although a very simple design, it has a majestic and dazzling appearance. The design of the second, minute, and hour hands is no doubt intriguing. It shows the time in an analog and digital format. It also shows the date at the top of the screen. Moreover, it has 3 customizable complications. The color of the dial and complications can also be changed.

  3. PWW19
  4. This watch face from Papy watch design has a fascinating and elegant design. It is one of my favorites, obviously for its simplicity. The white background and black dials why not sophisticated are unique. The time is shown in an analog format, and the battery level of the device, as well as the date, is shown. Moreover, this watch face has 4 discreet complications which I find very creative for a contemporary watch face.

  5. Vyron Classic
  6. Another fantastic classic watch face that I find very beautiful is the Vyron Classic watch face. It has an eye-catching appearance thanks to the very colorful and bold design. The design of the index is even more intriguing. And the hour, minute and second dial line up in a fashionable manner. The time is also shown in digital format. Moreover, it also shows the date and battery level. The background can be customized and you can also change the colors of the dial by choosing from a long list of colors. Interestingly, this watch face features 4 discreet complications and will allow easy access to your favorite information and apps.

  7. SWF Swiss Watch Face
  8. If you are a fan of Swiss watches, you will most likely find this watch face very interesting. It has s sophisticated design that leaves it with a stunning and enchanting appearance. The interesting thing about this watch face is the many customizable options. You can customize the background, hands, index, and even the bezel. Moreover, it features 6 customizable complications. Meanwhile, it features mechanical hands with mechanical movements going on in the background. The time is shown in both analog and digital formats. The battery level, as well as the date, are also shown.

  9. Dream 43

Last but not the least is Dream 43, another fantastically designed classic watch face with a glorious appearance. The concept behind the design of this watch face is a clever one. And can be clearly seen from the eye-catching and innovative appearance. It’s a very colorful watch face with a contemporary design that shows the time in both analog and digital formats. You can choose from multiple backgrounds and there are 4 customizable complications. It’s indeed a very rich watch face.


In conclusion, these watch faces would work on not just Galaxy Watch 4 and 5 but also other Wear OS watches. If you prefer digital watch faces, I have also made a list of the best digital watch faces for Galaxy Watch 4 and 5. For a comprehensive list, I have also listed the 10 best watch faces for Galaxy Watch 4 and 5.