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10 Best Free Watch Faces For Galaxy Watch 6 and Galaxy Watch 6 Classic

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With so many watch faces available on Google Playstore of which many are premium watch faces, it can be quite difficult to find the beautiful ones that are free. Well, I did some digging, and I sure did find some interesting watch faces which I think you might also like. In this video, I share with you the 10 best free watch faces for Galaxy Watch 6, Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 4. These free watch faces should also work on your Pixel Watch, Pixel Watch 2 and Ticwatch Pro 5.

10 Best Free Watch Faces For Galaxy Watch 6, Galaxy Watch 5 Pro and Galaxy Watch 4


Best Free Watch Faces For Galaxy Watch 6

In no particular order, the first watch face on my list is this stunning watch face called Skynox by one of my favorite designers, Ballozi. Although this watch face doesn’t have any customizable complications, it has a bold and prestigious design.

The Skynos watch face shows the time in analog format, and it also features 3 mini screens for the battery meter, a steps counter and the date. The colors of the dials and background can also be customized.

Beyond the outstanding design of this watch face, it also has a very low impact on battery life, thanks to the absence of many complications and fewer animations. The Skynox watch face really looks good on my Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, and I think it will also look great on the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic.

Santa Claus

Best Watch Face For Galaxy Watch 6

For Christmas, I have the Santa Claus watch face occupying the second spot on my list. As you can see on my Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, this watch face shows Santa Claus walking alongside a Deer and a movement around the edges that mimics the seconds dial. While all of that looks cool, it can actually have a significant impact on battery life. It certainly oozes the ambience of Christmas, no doubt.

This watch face shows the date at the top of the screen, below that you have the time in digital format and by the left-hand side, you have the steps counter. You also get two customizable complications and the option of choosing from 6 different backgrounds.

Roman Classic

Best Free Classic Watch Face For Galaxy Watch 6

I will like to state that I’m a fan of classic watch faces, and this one called Roman Classic is one of my favorites, and going by its high rating, modern and minimalistic design, it’s certainly one of the very best classic watch faces for Galaxy Watch 6 Classic.

In all honesty, I think the Roman Classic watch face has one of the most fascinating appearances, yet very simple. The Roman-numeral-styled analog time format shows the time in a very distinct and classy manner.

The background color can be customized and interestingly, you have a whopping 8 complications with 7 customizable ones. Moreover, there is a battery-efficient always-on mode.

Military Army (RE23)

Best digital Watch Face For Galaxy Watch 5

I stated earlier that this list is in no particular order, and on that note, the Military watch face by Recreative watch faces is no doubt one of the best digital watch faces for Galaxy Watch 6. The appearance of this watch face shows deep creativity, and it boasts loads of complications that makes it easy to interact with the watch.

You have 6 customizable complications for effortless interaction. Meanwhile, the time is shown in digital format, in a very distinct and stylish manner. You also have the battery meter at the top and a non-customizable heart rate complication at the bottom. On the far right, you have the week and day of the year. There is also a minimalistic always-on mode. No doubt, the RE23 watch face is simply fantastic.


best digital watch face for Galaxy watch 4

If you like the concentric watch face that was first introduced on the Pixel Watch and is also available on the Pixel Watch 2, then you have the opportunity to have it on your Galaxy Watch 6. This watch face has only one complication but then the alluring design makes up for it.

The time is shown in digital format with the seconds dial hovering around the minute dial, and there is also an always-on mode. The Concentric watch face is obviously very beautiful, and it is one of my favorites.

Camouflage Brutal

Camouflage watch face

For military theme lovers, the Camouflage brutal watch face is another fantastically designed watch face. This beautiful hybrid watch face shows the time in both digital and analog formats. It also shows the date, and there are 4 customizable complications that make interacting with the watch very easy. You also have two mini screens on the left and right sides that show your steps and the battery level respectively.

WFP 243

WFP 243 watch face for Galaxy Watch 5

The WFP 243 is a very rich watch face with an outstanding and remarkable design. This digital watch face is not just stunning but also has a modernized appearance with loads of customization options.

It shows the date, week and day of the year. Below that you have the time in a digital format with a seconds dial that can be turned off.

Below the time, you have the steps counter, heart rate and battery complications. You also have 5 customizable complications and a minimalistic always-on mode.

Gold Classic 1

Gold Classic watch face for Galaxy Watch 6 Classic

If you fancy the appearance of traditional watches, then like the Skynox watch face, the Gold classic is one of the best classic watch faces for Galaxy Watch 6.

For the Gold Classic watch face, it’s all shades of sophistication and prestige. It shows the time in a finely designed analog format while the background and dial are customizable, and it features a whooping 7 complications which include 5 discreet ones. Interestingly, it also has a minimalistic always-on mode that can help elongate battery life when always-on is enabled.

Vyron Classic

Vyron classic - best watch face

At the number 9 spot is Vyron Classic, another fantastically designed watch face with a remarkable and elegant design. This watch face shows the time in analog format, and it also shows the battery level and date. Moreover, there are 4 discreet customizable complications at the 12, 3, 6 and 9-hour marks. The background can also be customized as well as the color of the themes.


Rotate watch face for Galaxy Watch 6

Last but not the least, is Rotate, another awesome watch face with a design very similar to that of the Concentric watch face. It has a minimalistic design, yet shows the time creatively and uniquely. You have the hour dial encircling the minute dial, and right at the center of the screen is the date. As a result of its simple design, the Rotate watch face doesn’t offer any customizable complication and the color option is very limited. Nonetheless, the minimalistic design also means this watch face is one of the best for long battery life.


So there you go, the 10 best free watch faces for the Galaxy Watch 6, Galaxy Watch 5, Galaxy Watch 6 Classic, Galaxy Watch 5 Pro and other Wear OS watches. So whether you are a fan of digital or classic watch faces, these watch faces should give your Galaxy Watch that prestigious appearance.