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Withings MOVE ECG – A Cheaper Alternative to Apple Watch Series 4

withings move vs move ecg
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Apple watch series 4 was the first smartwatch to feature an electrocardiogram (ECG) sensor, it was one of the major highlights and selling points of the apple watch 4, but it was quiet expensive and coupled to the fact that you will need to own an iPhone to use the Apple watch 4.

…But Then There is Good News

Withings at CES 2019, announced the Withings ECG Move, a stylishly designed premium hybrid smartwatch. It is the second smartwatch to feature an ECG, but the good news is, it 3-4 times cheaper than the Apple watch Series 4 and even better it works with both Android and iOS devices.

The Move ECG Design is Outstanding

The new Move ECG has a fascinating and premium design that gives it a classy appearance. Just like other Withings smartwatches, it features a 1.4 inches analog display on a stainless steel case and straps made of silicone that makes it a comfortable wearable to grace your wrist all day long.

Just below the analog display is a smaller screen whose function is to display progress made towards a sporting event. There is a single button by the side of the watch which allows you to change to a different sport mode.

No doubt the Move ECG has a fantastic design, it’s one of the finest hybrid smartwatches we have seen in a very long time and off course lovers of traditional watches will really like this smartwatch.

Tell Me About The ECG on Move ECG

The Move ECG comes with three electrodes, two at the back and one right on the bezel. By placing your fingers on the watch case for 20 seconds an electrocardiogram is recorded which is automatically recorded in the Health mate companion app. It then alerts you if there is a problem which you can clarify with your doctor.

There are still issues on how accurate the ECG measured by a smartwatch can be compared to the one measured in the hospital, I can’t say it’s same, but be rest assured that with the ECG taken from a smartwatch you get a clear picture if there is a problem. It becomes clearer when you verify it with your doctor. Which is why you must never rely totally on only the ECG taken from a smartwatch.

ECG at your disposal is a very important feature we wish to see it on more smartwatches, the ECG taken can detect and helps you never miss atrial fibrillation (AFib) episodes, a form of irregular heart rhythms which could lead to serious heart complications. AFib can go undiagnosed but with ECG on your wrist it then means you can’t miss those episodes.

What Else Can The Move ECG Track?

The Move ECG doesn’t have a heart rate monitor, but by taking ECG overtime you get heart rate readings. It comes with an accelerometer that tracks your steps, distance, calories and an altimeter. It also can track your complete sleep cycle. Unfortunately there isn’t inbuilt GPS, but you can access GPS functions by connecting to your phone GPS.

What’s The Battery Life Like?

The Move ECG has an impressive battery life, it doesn’t use the regular rechargeable battery we see on most smartwatches. Instead it comes with a CR2430 button battery which Withings claim will last about 12 months before there might be any need for replacement.

When Will Move ECG Be Released and What’s The Price?

Withings are confident of getting the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance for the Move ECG and it’s expected to be released by April.

The Move ECG is quiet cheap, you get one the most fascinating hybrid smartwatch with an ECG and lots of fitness tracking capabilities for about $130. See the full specifications of the Move ECG.