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Wear OS 4 is Coming With More Apps, New Watch Face and More

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In 2021, Google in partnership with Samsung revamped the Wear OS platform with the Galaxy Watch 4 being the first to be released on the new Wear OS 3.0 operating system. Subsequently, Google Pixel Watch and the Galaxy Watch 5 series were released on the same platform. The revamped Wear OS has since then attracted 5 times more smartwatches. It’s two years already, and Google at the I/O event announced that Wear OS 4.0 is coming this fall with loads of new features. I already suspect that the much anticipated Pixel Watch 2 and Galaxy Watch 6 will lunch with Wear OS 4. That will surely be a hit. Meanwhile, let’s take a look at what to expect with Wear OS 4.

Wear OS 3.0 – What’s New?

But before the Wear OS 4 arrives, Google also announced a handful of updates are coming to Wear OS 3.

  1. There is a new WhatsApp app
  2. The biggest news right now for the Wear OS platform is the introduction of a WhatsApp app for Wear OS watches. The new WhatsApp app will allow you to effortlessly manage your WhatsApp messages even when your phone is not nearby. You will be able to start a chat and reply to messages with your voice, texts and emojis. The WhatsApp app is still in beta testing mode. You can download it by becoming a beta tester.

  3. More controls for Google Home app
  4. Google also announced that more controls will be coming to the Google Home app. You will be able to remotely unlock the door as well as see who rang the bell.

  5. New tiles for Spotify
  6. Another interesting feature to expect is the lunch of tiles for the Spotify apps. These tiles will allow you to play your favorite podcasts, see what’s on your heavy rotating list as well as easily access songs created by Spotify Dj.

  7. New tile for Peloton
  8. There will also be a new peloton tile that will allow users to easily access their workout stats.

Before the lunch of Wear OS 4, these are the features to expect with the new updates coming to Wear OS 3.

Wear OS 4 – What’s New?

With Wear OS 4 Google has revealed a handful of features to expect while also holding back some of features. The biggest feature to expect is improved battery life and more efficient watch faces. Continue reading to find out what is coming to Wear OS 4.

Wear OS 4 developer preview

In line with an impending lunch of Wear OS 4 in the fall, Google has launched a developer preview with an emulator that will allow developers to test out their apps to see how it will work with the expected operating system.

  1. Wear OS 4 will have more apps
  2. Google has revealed that with Wear OS 4, users should expect the release of Google Calendar and Gmail apps for Wear OS watches. These apps will respectively allow you to manage your schedules and emails effortlessly.

  3. Improved text-to-speech
  4. Wear OS 4 will also bring a more reliable text-to-speech feature. I have had awesome experience with Google Assistant text-to-speech but that of the system is quite awkward. It will be nice to see a more efficient text-to-speech.

  5. Wear OS 4 will have a backup and restore feature
  6. Google also revealed that users should expect a new backup and restore feature with Wear OS 4. These will allow for effortless backup and transfer of data between watches.

  7. Improved syncing between phone and watch
  8. Wear OS will also improve synchronization between phone and watch. Google revealed that with the new operating system when you setup a watch with a phone, settings enabled on the phone will automatically sync to the Watch. This is already possible with Apple Watches.

  9. New watch face format launched
  10. Furthermore, in anticipation of Wear OS 4, Google has launched a new watch face format that will allow developers to create more power-efficient watch faces.

    Credit: Google

  11. Expect improved battery life
  12. One of the biggest issues for smartwatches is prolonging battery life, that was somewhat improved with Wear OS 3. Now with Wear OS 4, Google says to expect improved battery life.

Finally, while Google seems to have revealed a lot about the Wear OS 4, the tech giant decided not to let all the cherries out of the bag. Expect more features with Wear OS 4.