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Introducing Samsung’s Latest Beasts – The Galaxy Watch Active 2

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Preorders for the new Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is set to commence on 6th September ahead of a 27th release date. The Galaxy Watch Active 2 is the successor to the Galaxy active released about 6 months ago. The new Galaxy active 2 comes with a handful of improvements that certainly makes it a better watch than its predecessor.

Galaxy active 2 (aluminum)

It comes in two sizes; 44mm with 1.4 inches display and 40mm with 1.2 inches display, and will be available in two materials; aluminum and stainless steel with the former having fluoroelastomer and the latter having leather straps respectively. In other words, the aluminum version which weighs less than the stainless steel version is a better fit for the gym, while the stainless steel version is a premium classic watch that’s best suitable for official outings.

Moreover, the stainless steel model has LTE support which the Aluminum model lacks.

samsung galaxy watch active 2 44mm vs 40mm

Galaxy Watch Active 2 (Stainless Steel)

The very helpful rotating bezel we were familiar with on the Galaxy Watch and Gear S3 has been reintroduced. But instead of the physical bezel, it’s a digital bezel which is quite innovative and will certainly make navigating the Active 2 very easy.

The Active 2 also brings more options for you to define your style. It features the My Style1 color extraction algorithm which is available in the Galaxy Wearable app. It allows you to simply take a photo of your outfit, choose from five different color patterns, and your watch face changes in seconds.

The stainless steel version will be available in three colors; black, silver, and gold. While the aluminum version will be available in cloud silver, pink gold and aqua black.

LTE has been introduced which was lacking in the Active. The stainless steel version will have LTE support, while the aluminum version will lack this functionality. Samsung had stated that The Galaxy Watch Active2 LTE edition will be available at AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular and Verizon starting September 27, 2019.

The Active 2 is also well equipped to track your active life. It comes with an improved heart rate sensor with 8 photodiodes which makes it smarter. In addition, the back of the Active 2 is curved to allow for proper contact with the skin which will result in a more accurate reading that can help you know when to scale the exercise down or up.

The Active 2 can auto-detect and track 7 activities out of the 39 preloaded sport modes with swimming added. Plus running programs that can help you manage your pace in real-time.

One of the main additions is the presence of ECG tracking which will see the Active 2 join the likes of the Apple Watch 4 and other smartwatches with ECG tracking. With ECG you can detect atrial fibrillation – a form of irregular heart rhythm.

Storage capacity is the same as the Active, except the RAM which has been boosted. A 0.75GB RAM for the aluminum non-LTE version and 1.5GB RAM for the stainless steel LTE version.

More apps have been added to Active 2 with the featuring of social engagement which allows you to like and share your favorite posts. As well as the Youtube app which allows you to watch videos online directly from the Active 2. This will go a long way to improving the user experience.

There’ll be a limited Under Armour edition of the Active 2 which can improve your fitness experience. It’ll include 6 months MapMyRun service and a limited UA watch face to get you off on the right foot. Form and fitness coaching will also be available which gives you real-time feedback based on cadence data and more.

The Galaxy Watch Active 2 Bluetooth edition will be available starting at $279.99 for the 40mm version and $299.99 for the 44mm version beginning September 27, 2019 at and major retailers.