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Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Features, Price and Release Date

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Samsung smartwatches are perhaps some of the best you can buy on the market. The Gear S3, Galaxy Watch, and Galaxy Watch Active 2 series are proofs of the kind of quality you can expect from the South Korean company. Now, the Galaxy Watch which was released in August 2018 is about to welcome a successor.

This has been confirmed in publications by Sammobile and Droid-life, which showed an image leak from FCC that indicated a new Galaxy Watch 3 is gearing up for the market.

Galaxy Watch 3 Sizes

According to these publications, the Galaxy Watch 2 will be available in two sizes; 45mm and 41mm just like Active 2. This is a slightly more compact watch compared to the present Galaxy watch; 42mm and 46mm. A welcome development for those who felt the Galaxy watch was bulky.

Like Active 2, the Galaxy is expected to be available in aluminum and stainless steel models. These materials are used on many smartwatches. Aluminum is especially very lightweight.

There’s a Titanium Model

According to a report by Sammobile, the Galaxy Watch 2 will also be available in Titanium, a premium material that’s very durable, yet lightweight. It’ll be the first Samsung titanium smartwatch.

Galaxy Watch 3 Specs

From the images leakage of the Galaxy Watch 2, the specifications are quite similar to that of the Active 2. It’s expected to have 8GB which is twice the storage of Galaxy watch. It’ll also feature 5ATM waterproof rating, Corning Gorilla Glass DX, loudspeaker, microphone, MIL-STD-810G, Wi-Fi, and LTE with a 330mAh battery capacity.

Galaxy Watch 3 Models

Still on the FCC leaked image, showed the Galaxy Watch 2 will be available in two models; LTE and Bluetooth. The image showed SM-R840 and SM-R850 for the Bluetooth models which represent the 41mm and 45mm sizes respectively. While the SM-R845 and SM-R855 represent the LTE models.

Release Date

There is no exact date stated yet for the release of Galaxy Watch 2, but the watch is expected to be released in August or September.


The price of the Galaxy Watch started at $329 for 42mm and $349 for 46mm, I expect the price of the Galaxy Watch 2 to be within this range, but the titanium model being a premium smartwatch will certainly be priced higher.

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    1. If you’re to choose based on battery life, Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 remains a better choice, otherwise, Apple Watch is the best smartwatch for iPhone users.

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