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10 Best Watch Faces For Galaxy Watch 3, Active 2 and Galaxy Watch

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One main advantage a smartwatch has over the traditional Watch is that you can change the watch face as many times as you like. Watch face is a significant part of a smartwatch, it shows just about the right amount of information that matters most to you at once on the screen. Whether you’re using an Apple Watch, Wear OS, Fitbit, Samsung, or any other smartwatch, you’ll get tons of options in the respective stores as there are lots of 3rd-party designers. So today, I’ll be sharing with you my top 10 best free watch faces for Galaxy Watch 3. These watch faces mentioned in this post will also work well for Galaxy Watch Active 2, Galaxy Watch, and even down to Gear S3.

You can also watch the video below.

My Top 10 Best Watch Faces For Galaxy Watch 3

  1. Zerob_Honeycomb
  2. best free watch face for Galaxy Watch 3
    For its distinct design, Zerob_honeycomb watch face is a frequent option for me. I like the honeycomb design and the many details it shows at once. It’s a fine digital watch face that shows the time in hours, minutes, and seconds. It also shows the month and day. Other complications include steps, distance, calories, heart rate, and battery life. Meanwhile, it features 7 one-touch app launchers with one customizable option.

  3. FS157 Digital Watch Face by Fatih Sendur

  4. Next on my list is the FS157 watch face. It’s a fine watch face loaded with lots of features. I like the aesthetics and functionality which is top-notch. It shows the date, time, battery level, heart rate, calories burned, and steps with easy access to phone, SMS, music, and email apps. It also allows adjustment for colors which is so lovely.

    You can check it out on the Galaxy store.

  5. MD182 by Matteo Dini

  6. This hybrid watch face from Matteo Dini is another of my favorite watch faces which I fancy a lot simply because of the modern look, aesthetics, and in-depth functionality. It shows both the time and date in a stylish format which includes days and week. It also shows my distance, calories, and steps.

    It has nine app launchers that allow you to easily access important apps like music, phone, messages, temperature, find my phone, and Samsung health app. Three of these widgets can be customized, while the background can be changed by double-tapping the center.

  7. New Gear Monster from Bergen

  8. New Gear Monster hybrid watch face is one of my favorites, it shows just about the right amount of details. It has sophisticated aesthetics that I find very commanding. The background colors can be changed by simply double-tapping the center of the screen while it features eight widgets in total with two customizable once. This includes music, weather, phone, settings, and alarm. Other features include steps, battery life, calories, and heart rate.

  9. Pokus542 by Patr Papuosky

  10. Pokus542 which looks quite feminine in appearance is still one of my favorite watch faces. It has a modern look, good legibility and gives a piece of comprehensive information for sport. It basically shows time in hours, minutes, and seconds, while the date is shown in months and days. Other functions include access to the calendar which can be accessed by pressing the top, music (right), weather (left), and settings (bottom).

    Moreover, double-tapping the center changes the background color.

  11. Carbon Legend by Vienna Studios

  12. Another beautiful watch face for Galaxy Watch 3 is Carbon Legend, it’s a features-rich watch face that shows the time and other details in the most sophisticated way. It features a one-touch app launcher for 6 apps which includes Samsung health, music, weather, phone, calendar, and contacts. It also shows both analog and digital time. Other features include the steps, heart rate, and battery level. You can also change background colors with multiple options available. One last thing is that this watch face can be patriotic for the Austrian people.

  13. CopperCareer by Dominus Mathias

  14. Often times I decide to go with this classic watch face called CopperCareer. It has a modern design that looks prestigious. It also shows quite a lot of complications with the option to customize two widgets. It shows the heart rate, distance, steps, calories, and battery life. While the app launchers include phone, alarm, weather, and two customizable ones. The background color can be changed by double-tapping the different indicators.

  15. StarBack by WAW Outlet

  16. StarBack is another fine hybrid watch face I really like because of its detailed, yet no so cloggy design. It shows the time in a fashionable way with the three clock hands well designed, and as well an analog time. It also shows Samsung health and weather apps with two customizable widgets. Tapping on the down part changes the background while the colors of the two smaller ones can be customized separately.

  17. GPD Hybrid Watch Face
  18. If you want it simple as I do oftentimes, I just go with this GPD watch face. It’s not features-ladened but will save you battery life. It just shows the date that includes the year, month, and day, while the time is showed in hour, minute, and seconds. It also shows battery life and analog time.

  19. Hellboy Dominus Mathias

  20. Another of my favorite watch faces is Hellboy, it’s a hybrid watch face that’s well detailed and has a modern look that I think is quite sophisticated. It shows both analog and digital time in detail. It also shows distance, calories, steps, heart rate, and battery life. It has four app launches for Samsung Health and weather app, the other two can be customized. Background color can change by double-tapping the screen at the bottom.

    This is where I draw the curtain for this post. Hope you enjoy it. If you like any of the watch faces mentioned in this post, you can click on the respective links to download it to your watch from the Galaxy store.