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New Update For Galaxy Watch 3 Adds Handwashing, Free Fitness Programs

new update for alaxy Watch 3 and Active 2
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There is a new update for the Galaxy Watch 3, this update was released earlier this month and it comes with new features that I find very interesting. If you have the Galaxy Watch 3, you’ll need to open the Galaxy Wearable app, scroll down to watch software to download the new update. It took me about 10 minutes to finish downloading the new update for my Galaxy Watch 3. In this post, I will be taking a look at these new features and how you can access them.

  1. Improved Samsung Health Function
  2. The first feature is that the Samsung Health app has been upgraded with new features and functions. This can be seen in the added new features like fitness programs and group workout challenge.

  3. Added Group Walking Challenge

  4. Secondly, you can now enjoy a group-walking challenge. To access this feature, first, you need to add the challenge widget from the Galaxy Wearable app, then you can start a challenge by opening the Samsung Health app, tap on together at the bottom of the screen to choose a challenge you wish to join. This is quite interesting as it can be a source of motivation for you to stay fit.

  5. Reduce Auto Workout Recognition Time
  6. Reduce auto workout recognition time for running, elliptical and rowing machine has been added. Normally, the Galaxy watch 3 will auto-detect your running after 10 minutes. But with this update, it’ll take less time.

  7. Added Home Workout With a Variety of Fitness Programs

  8. Enjoy a home workout with a variety of free fitness programs. Unlike Fitbit where you must subscribe to access most fitness programs, Samsung is making this free which will allow you to choose your preferred fitness program from the many available ones.

    To access this feature, you’ll need to open the Samsung Health app, tap on fitness at the bottom which gives you access to a bunch of fitness programs from fitness professionals. You can choose to select a program as your preferred workout mode from the Samsung Health app on your phone, this will record your workout activities under this program.

  9. Added SmartThings Find

  10. You can now use the smartThings app to find the location of your Watch. You will need to set this up by downloading the smartThings plugin. This will allow you to find your watch easily.

  11. Find the location of Watch on the map
  12. You can now find the location of the watch on the map. This can easily be done from the Galaxy Wearable app or using the Smartthings app mentioned above to find your watch location.

  13. Added Handwashing app

Last but not the least, the handwashing app introduced to Galaxy Fit 2 is now available on Galaxy Watch 3. You’ll need to install the app from the Samsung Galaxy store before you can use it. You can also add the wash hand widget that will make it easier to access. This app comes in handy as it can help prevent the deadly Covid19 pandemic.

These are all the features that have been added to the galaxy watch 3 with the new update.