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Huawei Watch GT Classic vs Active vs Elegant – What’s the Difference?

huawei watch gt classic vs active vs elegant
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In this post, we take a quick dive into the differences that separate the three editions of the Huawei Watch GT as we compare the Huawei Watch GT Classic vs Active vs Elegant Edition specs and features.

Huawei announced two new additions to their A-list of fitness smartwatches, these two; the Watch GT Active and the elegant are not direct successor to the popular Watch GT which has been highly recommended as one of the best fitness smartwatches, however they both feature Triathlon mode which isn’t available on the Watch GT now, but will be in future updates.

Huawei Watch GT Classic vs Active vs Elegant Edition – Specifications

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Huawei Watch GT Classic vs Active vs Elegant Edition – The Differences

Features Compared

  1. Design

  2. There’re no much differences in the design, the two new model come in same classic and elegant design. Except that the Elegant edition is now slightly smaller with 42.8mm case size, and would most likely make a better fit for women than the Active edition which still retains same 46.5mm case size as the older Classic and Sport editions.

    In addition, the Elegant edition is slightly slimmer at 10.5mm compared to 10.6 of the other two, it’s also lighter in weight which further suggests it’s a perfect fit for women and people with smaller wrists.

    Perhaps this is a welcome strategy from Huawei aimed at ensuring that people with smaller wrists will like the GT and that it actually looks great on them.

    Apart from the slight differences in sizes, the colors also varies, the GT Active is available in orange and dark green fluoroelastomer, while the Elegant edition is available in black and white, not the favorite colors for women, though.

    On the other hand, the Classic has leather straps which off course complements its classic brand name, but that’s not saying the other two aren’t classic choices.

    The straps are interchangeable, so you can define how you want to look just by changing the straps to your preferred choice.

  3. Battery Life

  4. The quiet impressive battery life of the Huawei Watch GT is one of its major selling point, the battery life was at most times factored as a major plus and a significant reason to buy it.

    Well, the same long battery life is estimated for the GT Active which would last about 2 weeks just like the GT Classic, while the elegant edition won’t last as long, but will see you through the week, or probably 3-5 days on average.

  5. Activity Tracking

The Activity tracking features of the Watch GT is also one of its main selling points and a major reason why it’s a fantastic choice among fitness enthusiasts.

The two new editions have the same fitness tracking features like complete sleep tracking, step tracking, heart rate monitoring and a host of other activities.

In addition, the Active and Elegant edition feature triathlon mode activity tracking which supports three types of workout activities and that includes; open water swimming, outdoor cycling and outdoor running, and it can track the whole triathlon including the transition time.

The triathlon mode activity tracking will be coming to the Watch GT classic and sport in future updates.

Which is Right For You?

The three editions of the Watch GT are all fantastic choices, spectacular design that look classy and elegant while also being some of the best choices for fitness tracking.

There’re no many differences except the minor discrepancies in sizes and strap colors.

The sizes suggest that the bigger Active and classic editions are best for men and people with bigger wrists, while the smaller Elegant edition is a better classic match for women and people with smaller wrists.

And of course, the lower battery life of the Elegant edition puts it behind the Active and Classic editions. Otherwise, there’s no need for an upgrade if you already own the Classic or Sport edition.

Here is a summary;

Huawei Watch GT Active A great choice for men with an impressive battery life while also featuring triathlon mode that makes it a great choice for comprehensive activity tracking.
Huawei Watch GT ClassicA classic choice for men, and a great fitness tracker with impressive long battery life.
Huawei Watch GT ElegantA great choice for women, also a comprehensive activity tracker.

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