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Hands On: Samsung Galaxy Fit In-depth Review – 6 Weeks After

samsung galaxy fit review
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I’ve used the Galaxy Fit for over a month now and I think it’s a decent fitness tracker. There are so many things I like about this smartband as well as my dislikes and in this in-depth review of the Galaxy Fit, I’ll be telling all that I know about this device. Samsung had announced the Galaxy Fit last year in August and since then it has become quite popular among fitness enthusiasts, although there’s already news of a successor with longer battery life and larger display, until it drops, the Galaxy Fit is currently one of best fitness tracker from Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy Fit In-depth Review

The Galaxy Fit cost me about $100, I think its a decent smartband eventhough it lacks inbuilt GPS. It’s well designed and features lots of fitness tracking features that can help you reach more fitness goals with a battery life that saw me through the week.


  1. Lightweight design and comfortable to wear.
  2. 6-7 days long battery life.
  3. Lots of fitness tracking features and 90 preset workouts.
  4. Interactive display and nice UI.


  1. Lacks an always-on display.
  2. Lacks inbuilt GPS.
  3. Not to many watch faces and you can’t store watch faces on device.
  4. Lacks remote camera control.
  1. Lightweight and Sturdy Design
  2. Let’s start with the design of the Galaxy Fit, it’s lightweight and very comfortable to wear. I didn’t have any problem wearing this device for as long as I wanted. In fact most times, I ended up forgetting I was wearing the Galaxy Fit on my wrist because of its lightweight design which can be attributed to the aluminum case and silicone band.

    Talking about the materials used to build, sturdy materials have been used. And in my opinion, this isn’t a bad-looking device neither does it look cheap. I will say, the Galaxy Fit will look nice for any occasion.
    As per navigation, the Galaxy Fit screen is touch-sensitive and there’s also a physical button by the side that can be used to interact with the device. With touchscreen and a physical button, it was never hard to operate the Galaxy Fit. You can even assign a shortcut to the button and there are 23 watch faces to choose from. Although not the most stylish like you’ll see with the Active 2 or Galaxy Watch. However, does get the job done of displaying the most important details. You can change the watch face from the Galaxy Wearable App.

    Galaxy Fit watch faces

    The 0.95 inch AMOLED powered display is very colorful and interactive. It’s also easy to read both indoors and outdoors. Unfortunately, the Galaxy Fit doesn’t have an always-on display mode. Although, you can increase the screen timeout to a maximum of 5 minutes.

  3. Samsung Galaxy Wearable App is Galaxy Fit Companion App
  4. The Galaxy Fit like many smartbands and smartwatches out there requires a compatible phone through which you can administer the device. Most of the settings for the Galaxy Fit is done through the Samsung Wearable app. From the App, you can modify health settings for steps, sleep, heart rate, and stress tracking. It also allows you to setup alarm, weather, quick responses, notifications, widgets, display, and more.

  5. Using The Galaxy Fit

Accessing the Galaxy Fit is very easy, it has a simple UI that allows you to easily get to the information that you need. Swiping right shows your notifications and swiping left shows the widgets, there are 12 widgets in total which include health summary, calendar, alarm, weather widgets, and more. When you swipe down, it shows the quick panel which contains stuff like brightness, do not disturb, vibration, and good night mode settings. This can be modified from the Galaxy Wearable app.

From the app, you can manage settings for health tracking features which I will be discussing later below. The app also lets you customize what widgets to show on the Galaxy Fit, and as well allows you to setup alarm, quick responses, notifications, and more.

Samsung Galaxy Fitness Tracking Features

The Galaxy Fit does a great job as a decent fitness tracker that tracks your heart rate, calories, sleep, stress with 90 preset exercises to choose from. Samsung Health app is the companion health app that I use to manage my fitness goals and it sure does have a neat UI and features that makes it easy to manage my fitness plans.

  • Heart Rate Tracking
  • samsung galaxy fit heart rate monitor

    The Galaxy Fit tracks my heart rate to count calories and show my heart rate trend over time. It shows the resting and minimum heart rate. I can also set the Galaxy Fit to track my heart rate consciously, manually, or intermittently. Using the Galaxy Fit all this while, it’s heart rate tracker has shown to be consistent and accurate especially when compared to Versa 2 and the figures were very close.

  • Sleep Tracking
  • Galaxy Fit heart rate tracking

    The Galaxy Fit also features sleep tracking, I rarely use it though because I had preferred wearing the Active 2 to sleep. However, Galaxy Fit does track my sleep accurately when compared to Versa 2, and it will display how long I was asleep. It tracks sleep in 4 stages; deep, light, REM and awake. And its also able to detect break times like when I wake up in the middle of the night. Thus, I can have more than one sleep records depending on the number of times I woke up in the middle of the time.

  • Stress Monitoring
  • Another fitness tracking feature of the Galaxy Fit is stress measurement. I use the Galaxy Fit to measure my stress, and when it detects I’m stressed, it does a good job in helping me calm down through a guided breathing session. You can set it to measure stress continuously or manually. You can also set up how the guided breathing feature work from the Samsung Wearable app.

  • Steps, Calories, and Distance
  • The basic activity tracking features include steps, calories, and distance tracking. When I wear the Galaxy Fit for a walk, it counts my steps, the distance covered and calories burned during this time. I think the Galaxy Fit does miscount my steps sometimes when compared to Huawei Band 4 Pro and Active 2.

  • Connected GPS
  • The Galaxy Fit lacks inbuilt GPS, but it still can track routes and locations. It does this with help of the connected phone’s GPS. So, when I decide to walk or say run, I simply go to the Samsung Health app and select the exercise, it then detects my location (location must be turned on the phone) and when I start the running, it tracks my route, the distance, average speed, pace, heart rate and calories burned. The app can also auto-detect and map out your location and routes when you embark on an outdoor workout.

  • Preset Workout Modes
  • galaxy fit preset workout modes

    The Galaxy Fit features 90 preset workout modes, and you can set up a maximum of 10 workout modes to show up on the smartband. This gives you plenty of options to choose your preferred workout, my best remain walking, plank, crunches, and running.

    Other Features

    1. Battery
    2. Samsung claims the Galaxy Fit battery can last up to a week, from my experience, it’s not far from that. I used the Galaxy Fit intermittently for about a week before the battery went flat. However, if you track your run with connected GPS and continuous heart rate track for 30 minutes every day, the battery lasted for about 3 – 5 days. In all, it has a long battery life that doesn’t require charging daily. I charge the Galaxy Fit once in a week.

    3. Notifications
    4. Samsung galaxy Fit quick replies

      The Galaxy Fit also does a good job of keeping me connected to updates like emails, SMS, calls, and other notifications from apps that can be read directly from the device. The good thing I like is that I can also send preset replies to notifications. These preset replies can be customized from the Galaxy Wearable app, and I can add more preset replies if I wanted which is very interactive and useful. Other features are the ability to find my phone and you can also use your phone to find the Galaxy Fit as well as music playback.

      Samsung Galaxy Fit Full Specifications

      Samsung Galaxy Fit
      samsung galaxy fit specs


      4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)
      4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)
      Fitness tracking:
      4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)
      3.6 out of 5 stars (3.6 / 5)
      4 out of 5 stars (4.0 / 5)
      4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)


      Device nameSamsung Galaxy Fit
      Device typeFitness smartband
      Released dateFebruary, 2019
      Ideal forUnisex


      Display typeAMOLED
      Display size0.95 inch
      Display resolution120 x 240 pixel
      Pixel density__
      Input typeTouchscreen
      1 single button
      Customizable watch faceNo


      Dimension44.6 x 18.3 x 11.2 mm
      Weight23 grams
      (without straps)
      Casing materialAluminum
      Strap/band materialSilicone
      Bezel MaterialAluminum
      Strap size20mm
      Interchangeable band Yes
      Screen protectionCorning Gorilla glass
      Water resistant/ProtectionYes, 5ATM
      Swim-proofYes, recommended


      Internal storage32MB
      Memory card slotNo


      BluetoothBluetooth v5.0 LE
      Bluetooth callingNo
      (Support charging dock)
      Payment systemNo




      Email alertYes
      SMS alertYes
      Calls alertYes
      Event reminderYes
      Third-party appsYes
      Text responseYes (preset replies)


      Sleep apneaNo
      Sleep trackingYes
      Floors climbedNo
      Heart rate monitoringYes
      VO2 Max.Yes
      Blood oxygenNo
      Blood pressureNo
      Menstrual cycle trackingNo
      Swim trackingYes
      Under-water heart rate trackingNo
      Preloaded mapsNo
      On-screen workout modesNo
      Triathlon modeNo
      ECG TrackingNo
      Preloaded sport modesYes
      Safety trackingNo


      Music streamingNo
      Bluetooth musicNo



      Operating system (OS)FreeRTOS
      ChipsetMCU Cortex M33F


      Type of batteryNon-removable Li-Polymer battery
      Battery capacity 120mAh
      Battery lifeStandby: 10 days+
      Mixed usage: 5 days+
      Charging typeWireless charging
      Charging dock
      Charging timeAbout 1-2 hours
      Battery saver modeNo
      Solar powerNo
      Rapid charging_




      Control cameraYes
      Music controlYes
      Find phoneYes


      Compatibility Android 5.0+ RAM 1.5GB+
      iPhone: iPhone 7+, iOS 10.0+
      Companion appSamsung Gear app
      Voice commandNo


      Samsung Galaxy Fit
      Wireless charging
      Charging dock
      Quick start guide
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      Official Site


      In all, I think the Galaxy Fit is a decent smartband that can serve as a comprehensive fitness tracker and personal assistant. For the price of $100, it’s still on the high side, especially when compared to Huawei Band 4 Pro or Mi Band 5 that offers about similar features.