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Best Smartwatches For Men (Reviewed) – Buyers Guide 2022

top 10 best smartwatches for men 2019
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A good wristwatch can tell you what time of the day it is and complement your outfit, but a smartwatch offers you so much more. Smartwatches nowadays can perform almost everything you can ask for in a device on your wrist, from tracking your workouts, heart rate to notifying you of new emails, incoming calls and keeping you motivated with the right music. The level of innovation that wearables have undergone over the years is mind-blowing, to say the least.

Choosing the best smartwatch to buy can be confusing, especially when it is your first time. There are several smartwatches in the market today with different specs and promises. However, there are at least four key boxes a smartwatch must check before being classified among the best smartwatches for men: it must have beautiful aesthetics, durable battery life, offer excellent health and fitness tracking, and be compatible with your smartphone.

If you are considering buying a new smartwatch and looking for the best smartwatch for men, you are on the right page, as we have put together the 10 best smartwatches for men to help you get started immediately.

At a Glance – Best Smartwatches For Men in 2022

  1. Apple Watch Ultra – Best smartwatch for men
  2. Apple Watch Series 8 – A step below Watch Ultra, yet a fantastic watch
  3. Galaxy Watch 5 Pro – Best Android smartwatch for men
  4. Garmin Fenix 7 Sapphire Solar – Best GPS smartwatch for men

Best Smartwatches For Men (Reviewed) – Buyers Guide 2022

  1. Apple Watch Ultra – Best Apple watch for men
  2. Specifications
    Design: 49 x 44 x 14.4 mm | 61.3g | Titanium case | fluoroelstomer straps | Display: 1.92 inches | 410 by 502px | LTPO OLED | Touchscreen | Media: 32GB | Speaker | Microphone | Sensors: Accelerometer | GPS | Heart rate | Gyroscope | temperature (body & water) | Altimeter | Compass | NFC (Apple Pay) | Battery Life: 36hrs (60hrs with battery saver) | Compatibility: iPhone 8+ with iOS 16

    In my honest opinion, the Apple Watch Ultra which debuted alongside the Watch 8 and Watch SE 2 in 2022 is no doubt the best smartwatch for men. It equally doubles as the best smartwatch in 2022, beating the likes of Google’s Pixel Watch and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro to maintain the top spot that Apple has enjoyed over the years.

    The Watch Ultra is the most advanced Apple Watch, and that explains why it retails for $800. However, at that hefty price, it spots a durable build and packs a monstrous list of features that makes it a worthwhile investment.

    Unlike the Watch 8, the Watch Ultra is only available in one size, and it comes in a quite bogus 49mm case size and 14.4mm thickness which many will consider too bulky. However, it’s quite lightweight at 61.3 grams. It has a premium build made of titanium while sapphire glass protects the screen. Meanwhile, it has a whopping 10ATM waterproof rating with a MIL-STD-810H certification that ensures it can withstand harsh weather conditions.

    The 1.92 inches display is topnotch. It spots a very colorful OLED display that’s easy to read under any light condition with brightness up to 2000nits (the brightest so far). Meanwhile, navigation is also effortless, you get the regular touchscreen, digital crown, a flat button and an additional action button not seen on any other Apple Watch.

    Under the hood, the Watch Ultra is powered by the S8 chip and packs 32GB storage with a microphone and speaker both present. And in the health tracking department, it’s also loaded. The Watch Ultra will track your heart rate, calories, steps, sleep in all four stages, blood oxygen and ECG. Moreover, with its dual-GPS support, it can accurately track your routes and locations. Even more are the numerous sports modes, a skin temperature sensor, and incidental and crash detection.

    Although not the best in terms of battery life, Apple has significantly improved the battery life of their new and older watches with WatchOS 9 which introduces a low-battery mode. As a result, the Watch Ultra can go 36hrs from a single charge and up to 60hrs when battery saver mode is activated.

    Without mincing words, the Watch Ultra remains the smartwatch to beat even in 2023.

    • Rugged, durable and classy.
    • 32GB storage.
    • An outstanding health tracker.
    • Robust OS with an excellent UI.
    • Quite bulky.
    • Price is on the high side.
    • Only available in cellular model.
    • Works with only iPhones.
  3. Apple Watch 8 – Another outstanding choice for men
  4. Specifications
    Design: 45 x 38 x 10.7 mm | 51.5g | Stainless steel or aluminum case | fluoroelstomer straps | Display: 1.92 inches | 410 by 502px | LTPO OLED | Touchscreen | Media: 32GB | Speaker | Microphone | Sensors: Accelerometer | GPS | Heart rate | Gyroscope | temperature (body) | Altimeter | Compass | NFC (Apple Pay) | Battery Life: 18hrs (36hrs with battery saver) | Compatibility: iPhone 8+ with iOS 16

    The Apple Watch Series 8 which succeeds the Watch 7 is a lower-end version of the Watch Ultra, yet a perfect smartwatch for men and certainly one of the very best smartwatches. It has very similar features to Watch Ultra, except that it comes in two sizes and case materials. It also has a slightly lower battery life, lacks dual-band GPS and a water temperature sensor – all of which are present in Watch Ultra.

    Like Watch 7, the Watch 8 comes in 41mm and 45mm and each of these sizes is available in Wi-Fi/GPS and Cellular models. The Cellular model is available in stainless steel and aluminum materials while the GPS model only comes in aluminum build. The Cellular model of the Apple Watch like the LTE models of Galaxy Watch 5 and Pixel Watch are standalone smartwatches that can make and receive calls without your phone.

    The Watch 8 is a lightweight and compact smartwatch with an elegant look that will certainly look very nice on men. The 45mm size spots a 1.92 inches display while the 41mm size spots a 1.69 inches display, both of which are powered by LTPO OLED with brightness up to 1000nits.

    Under the hood sits a dual-core S8 chip accompanied by 1GB RAM that ensures one of the most flawless experiences you can ever imagine (I have used Samsung, Fitbit, Amazfit, and Huawei but the Apple Watch has the smoothest experience). It also features a 32GB storage capacity alongside a speaker and microphone.

    Beyond the durable build and awesome performance, the Watch 8 is also a comprehensive activity tracker, especially with WatchOS 9 which ensures it can now track sleep stages, heart rate zones, AFIB history and many other interesting features. Like the Watch Ultra, the Watch 8 will track all your daily activities and it’s also packed with a good number of workout modes.

    In terms of price, the Watch 8 41mm GPS model of the aluminum build retails for $399, while the 45mm retails for $429. The 41mm cellular model of the aluminum build retails for $499, while the 45mm retails for $529.

    One downside to the Watch 8 is the battery life, you get up to 18hrs on normal usage and about 36hrs when the low-battery mode is activated.

    • Durable and elegant design.
    • 32GB storage.
    • An outstanding health tracker.
    • Robust OS with an excellent UI.
    • Price is quite on the high side.
    • Works with only iPhones.
  5. Galaxy Watch 5 Pro – Best android smartwatch for men
  6. Specifications
    Design: 45.4 x 45.4 x 10.5 mm | 46.5g | Titanium case | silicone straps | Display: 1.4 inches | 450 by 450px | AMOLED | Touchscreen | Media: 16GB | Speaker | Microphone | Sensors: Accelerometer | GPS | Heart rate | Gyroscope | temperature (body) | Altimeter | Compass | NFC (Samsung Pay/Google Pay) | Battery Life: 80hrs | Compatibility: Android 6.0+ with 1.5GB RAM

    At 10.5mm thick, the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is the slimmest smartwatch on this list and it retails for $450 for the Bluetooth model and $500 for the Cellular model. While that figure is on the high side, the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro packs a bunch of features, and it’s also very lightweight, classy, and somewhat compact.

    The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is one of Samsung’s latest wearables and also the best Samsung smartwatch for now (at least until a successor arrives). Moreover, it’s also one of the best smartwatches for men who enjoy outdoor adventures. Looking at the watch, you may never guess it was built to endure harsh usage because Samsung brilliantly designed it to look somewhat like a traditional everyday watch. However, the glass on the watch’s screen is hard sapphire glass, while the rest of the body is covered in titanium, ensuring it can withstand most rugged usage. Even more, is that it’s rated 5ATM and certified MIL-STD-810H, so it isn’t only waterproof up to 50 meters, but it can also withstand harsh weather conditions.

    Speaking of the display, it features a 1.4-inch AMOLED screen that is very bright and vivid even in daylight. Lags are the norm on many rugged smartwatches but not on the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, especially for a Wear OS smartwatch – All thanks to the Samsung One UI 4.5 interface that ensures a flawless and smooth user experience.

    In terms of navigation, the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is very easy to use. Although Samsung has ditched the physical rotating bezel, you still have a touch-sensitive screen and two physical buttons for effortless navigation.

    Beyond the awesome design and display, the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is equipped with 16GB storage that will allow you to store your favorite tracks on the watch. You have the option to add personal music or use premium services like Spotify and Youtube Music.

    The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is also a comprehensive activity tracker, it packs advanced health sensors that guarantee accurate health and wellness insights. Its BioActive sensor can monitor heart rate, blood oxygen levels, blood pressure, and irregular heartbeat (ECG), among others. The watch also has a skin temperature sensor, but Samsung is yet to activate it. It is believed that the sensor would be able to take skin temperature and notify users of high fever.

    For outdoor adventurers, there is a route workout app that allows you to import your GPX file formats to the watch so that you can easily navigate your favorite routes directly from the watch. There is also the turn-by-turn navigation and backtrack features that can make your adventure easier.

    The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro runs on Google’s Wear OS 3.5, exposing you to a range of Google apps and thousands of third-party apps on the Google Play Store. The watch is powered by a large 590 mAh battery that can last up to two days under heavy usage or up to three days with light usage.

    • Rugged, durable and classy design.
    • 16GB, mic and speaker present.
    • A comprehensive health tracker.
    • Outstanding performance.
    • Up to 3 days battery life is somewhat great.
    • Price is quite on the high side.
    • Works with only Android phones.
  7. Garmin Fenix 7 Sapphire Solar – Best GPS smartwatch for men

Design: 47 x 47 x 14.5 mm | 50g | fiber-polymer case | silicone straps | Display: 1.3 inches | 260 by 260px | Transflective LCD | Touchscreen | Media: 32GB | Sensors: Accelerometer | GPS (plus dual-band GPS) | Heart rate | Gyroscope | Altimeter | Compass | NFC (Garmin Pay) | Battery Life: Up to 18 days/22 days with solar | Compatibility: Android 7.0+ and iOS 13.0+

While the Apple Watch Ultra and Galaxy watch 5 Pro are great adventure smartwatches, they still play catch up to the Garmin Fenix 7. The Fenix 7 Sapphire Solar is a high-end outdoor adventure smartwatch and one of the best smartwatches for men. The watch has a durable build made of fiber-polymer with a titanium bezel and rear cover, while sapphire glass protects the display and the interchangeable straps come in silicone.

The 1.3 inches transflective LCD display isn’t very colorful like AMOLED, but it’s very vivid and easier to read under direct sunlight. This also solidifies the Fenix 7 as a great smartwatch for outdoor activities. The watch is also very easy to use with a well-defined interface, and navigation is easy via touchscreen and 5 physical buttons.

Under the hood, the Fenix 7 packs a bunch of sensors that ensure it can track almost any activity you can think of. It will track floors climbed, stress, respiratory rate, blood oxygen, sleep in all four stages, heart rate and heart rate variability, incidental fall detection, and a long list of other activities. It also comes with preloaded Topo maps, ski resort maps, and road/trail maps. It has support for multi-GPS satellite systems plus dual-band GPS support that results in accurate mapping of your routes. Golfers will also find the Fenix 7 very interesting as it packs a bunch of golf courses as well as a huge list of other golf features.

The Fenix 7 lacks a microphone and speaker, however, it’s equipped with 32GB storage capacity that allows for onboard music storage on the watch. It supports music services such as Spotify, Amazon Music, and Deezer. You will need to connect a Bluetooth headphone to listen to music on the watch.

While the Fenix 7 is quite bulky at 47mm, there is a smaller Fenix 7S and a bigger Fenix 7X. The Fenix 7X has the longest battery life and as well the highest price tag. Meanwhile, like the other two, the Fenix 7 comes in three models, the Fenix 7 Standard edition, Solar edition, and Sapphire Solar edition. The Latter model has dual-band GPS support, twice the storage capacity, and comes with preloaded maps. As a result, it has an $800 price tag.

One of the best things about the Garmin Fenix 7 is its monster battery life. It boasts up to 18 days of battery life in smartwatch mode (22 days with solar), 40 days in expedition mode, and 57 hours in GPS mode.

Without mincing words, if you’re looking for the perfect GPS adventure smartwatch for men, then the Fenix 7 is your best bet.

  • Rugged and durable build.
  • 32GB massive storage.
  • Equipped with preloaded topo, road, and ski resort maps.
  • A comprehensive activity tracker.
  • Up to 22 days battery life.
  • Price is quite on the high side.
  • Lacks a mic and speaker.

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