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Hi, thank you for visiting Smartwatch Series. On this platform we aim to keep you updated with genuine information that relates to everything smartwatch specifications, their features, comparisons, deals, industry news and buyers guild.

Smartwatch Specifications

Smartwatch Series is an ideal platform where you can find smartwatch specifications. We find all the specification of a smartwatch and then arrange it in a very orderly manner to help you find all the relevant specification of any smartwatch.

Here you will find smartwatch specification for any type of smartwtch from top brands such as Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Fitbits, Xiaomi, Michael Kors and other brands.

Smartwatch Features

We don’t stop at just smartwatch specifications, we go ahead to highlight notable worthy features we found on a smartwatch.

Smartwatch Comparisons

We will regularly do head-to-head comparison posts between closely related smartwatches from a brand or based on features to help you make the best choice.

Smartwatch Buyers Guild

Our buyers guild posts will include smartwatches based on best sellers, by features that you like such as battery, fitness tracking, design, gender specific and other additional features, real users reviews and on our extensive research.

Smartwatch Industry News

Be rest assured to get news updates from the smartwatch industry such as press release, product release date, rumours and other miscellaneous news updates that relates to this industry.

Smartwatch Deals

If we find deals you will like we will most definitely let you know, as we will curate top e-commerce sites to get you the best deal.